Liveinlow, is a nickname that I use over network.
Here is my personal summary:

* 3 years experience of Android Camera HAL
* 3 years experience of MTK Camera HAL Feature - Multi Frame Noise Reduction
* 3 years experience of MTK Camera HAL Feature - High Dynamic Range
* 3 years experience of SoC related firmware/driver development
* 5 years experience of image processing
* 5 years experience of desktop UI based application(Linux/Windows) development
* Ability to plan, design and implement a complicated software solution
* Good at an extensible, re-usable software architecture
* Good at multi-threading programming
* Good at object-oriented programming
* Good at high-performance programming
* Familiar with modern C++
* Familiar with GUI framework (Qt)

If you have any good position, please contact me ;-)

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